Woman - The "Shakti"

March 25, 2017   Norwalk, CA
Eye Check-up
By Dr. Ashish Toor
Test or Consultation
Medical Services
By Well Reputed Doctors
Vitals and Consultation
Henna Services
By Henna Artists
Hand/Wrist Designs
Threading Services
By Trained Estheticians
Eyebrow Threading
Yoga Session
By Trained Yoga Instructor
For Kids and Adults
Family Games
Family Fun Time
Games and prizes
Healthy Cooking
By Health Conscious Chefs
Tips and Tricks
Meditation Techniques
By: Certified Guide
Spiritual Strengthening
Awards and Recognition
Multiple Categories
By Nomination
Live Performances
Singers and other Artists
Powerful Talks
By Professionals and Experts
Interactive Talk Show
Photo Booth
Capture the Memory
In Style Pic (Solo and/or Family)
Social Mixer Hour
Food and fun
Event Kick-off
Accupunture Services
By: Licensed Accupuncturists
Alternative Healing
Ayurveda Treatments
By: Ayurveda Experts
Healing and Consultation
Massage Services
By: Trained Massage therapists
Relaxation of Body and Mind